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Keep your kids and your home safe this summer.

Keep your kids and your home safe this summer.

Parents, even though we may want to protect our kids 24/7 there will come a time when you can’t always be there. Sooner than any of us like there also comes a time when our kids start wanting to explore on their own and are telling us they are old enough to stay home by themselves.

The LightCam team believes that wanting to look out for your kids shouldn’t mean choosing between going back to work, taking a holiday, or attending that evening yoga class. No matter where you’re at in life, here are some summer safety tips that will give you a peace of mind that your children are safe at home when you’re on the go.

In the U.S. July and August are two of the highest home invasion months, which is why we are so passionate about helping you protect your home during these summer months. There are endless things you can do to help keep your home safe, but here is a breakdown of the best things you can do today.

  1. Install LightCam: The majority of burglaries occur in residential homes and 62% of these happen while you are away at work from 6am-6pm. That is why it is so important to be able to check in. When someone approaches your door, you’ll be able to know if it was the mailman, a neighbor, or someone you don’t know at the door and be able to act accordingly. Having a surveillance system with proper signage makes it three times less likely that your home will get broken into.
  2. Don’t make vacations public: In the age of Instagram we are forgetting about simple privacy hacks. Don’t publicly post about being away from your home. Keep family vacation plans on the down low until you return, and then let the posting begin.
  3. Remind your kids not to open the door: A simple mistake can often lead to detrimental consequences. Sit down with your children and remind them to only open the door for people they know. If they aren’t sure, instruct them to call you before opening the door.
  4. Keep pet doors locked: Whether you are just gone for a couple hours or gone for vacation keeping these small doors locked while you are away is important. Burglars will often check for easy entry points before resorting to forced entry. So don’t give them an easy entry!
  5. Have music or a TV show playing: This small deterrent is often times enough to keep unwanted visitors out. If you’re concerned about wasting electricity think about getting a battery operated radio to leave by the door. In the end, a little extra energy may be worth the protection.

Quick Facts

  • A home burglary occurs almost every 15 seconds in the United States.
  • Windows are the most frequent break in point of entry during the summer months.
  • Only 13% of break ins are solved by the police.
  • February has the fewest amount of break ins.
  • Only 17% of homes in the U.S. have home security systems.