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Easy to install all-in-one lightbulb
security camera to keep
your home secured
  • 1080p High-quality video
  • 2-way voice feature
  • Smart light control from your phone

Tired of long annoying installs?

Yeah, so were we.


The security camera that screws into any light socket.

2,097 Backers

5 Minute Install

No Drilling/Wiring

Built-In Lighting

Two-Way Talk

Night Vision

1080p Full HD

5 Minute Install,
or your money back!

How long does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

If the PAXI LightCam takes longer than 5 minutes to install, we will fully refund you.

Apartment, Hotel & Airbnb Friendly!

LightCam can install anywhere.

Inside & Outside!

Even if you don't own the place.

No Drills, No Wires, No Headaches.

Who wants to spend hours drilling and running wires?

Spoiler alert, NOBODY!

Best Part?
No monthly fees. Ever.

Other security systems make you pay monthly fees...

We don't.

Just pay once, and monitor forever!

How It Works

Screw In


Our App


Connect To
Your WiFi


That's All!


Monitor Anywhere,
At Anytime.

No matter where you are, with just 1 click, you can check in to your LightCam.

Choose The Bundle That's Right For YOU:

Single Pack

WAS$349 NOW $189

Small Home

WAS$698 NOW $349

only $174 per LightCam

Large Home

WAS$1,396 NOW $599

only $149 per LightCam

What Will You Monitor?

What's Inside
The Box?

LightCam Device

LightCam Lens Cover

Wall Outlet

Light Socket Extension

Quick Start Guide

Frequently Asked Questions


No. We are not like other security system brands. You only pay once up front. We do not have any monthly fees!


Yup! The LightCam is compatible with any light socket of any kind. We even include an extension piece with every LightCam, incase you need a longer extension at the socket. We also provide a wall outlet adapter if you prefer plugging your LightCam into a wall outlet versus a light socket!


Yup! The LightCam is safe to be used both inside and outside. It will last through any weather conditions!

What are people saying about LightCam?

This is a fantastic product. Was easy to install and easy to program. Video quality is fantastic! Will re-buy if i ever have to. I feel so much better having this on my front porch and one in my living room.

John S.

They function perfectly as they were supposed to .So easy to install and set up, anyone can do this at any age. No tech knowledge needed it’s that simple.

Mark F.

I've bought others that I’ve had to return because they were too difficult to install or just did not work with my Wi-Fi. For the price, this has an amazing picture! I love that you can control it from your phone.

Sandra T.