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LightCam Tips

Where can I download the LightCam App?

Right Here:



Are there any additional fees for using the LightCam?

No - unless you want more video storage. The LightCam has 5GB of digital storage built in which depending on the amount of activity will be roughly 1 to 3 days of video history. If you prefer, 3 months of video storage is available for $3.99 per month per LightCam.

Click here for more information about LightCam Storage Plus

How can I get help with setting up and installing the LightCam?

Don't worry, the LightCam was designed to be convenient and easy to use. We can help. Depending on your question, we have written and video guides to help you! Check back soon for a link to our instructional content!

What happens if someone steals or destroys my LightCam?

Please contact us with a copy of your police report and we will replace your LightCam. If replaced we would highly recommend signing up for cloud storage to better protect your home. Terms & Conditions apply.

Do I need Wifi to connect and use my LightCam?

Yes. LightCam devices require a wireless internet connection to operate. Lightcam is compatible with wireless routers running 801.22 B, G, or N, on 2.4 GHZ.

Does my LightCam need to be attached to the computer during the setup process?

No. LightCam devices are set up wirelessly using the LightCam App on your phone. You do not need to connect your LightCam device to a computer during setup. After setting up your account using your phone, you will be able to log into your LIghtCam account on you computer and access your device.

Will the LightCam provide live video feed?

Yes. The LightCam has a live view that can always be accessed as well as the two-way voice communication.

Can I record and store the videos from the camera?

Yes. From your computer you will be able to access your account and either view and download video footage from either the storage on the LightCam or from the cloud storage. The LightCam has been formatted to record new footage over the oldest footage in the storage. It is only possible to download and store footage until it is replaced by new footage.

My LightCam was working and then stopped, what should I do?

Sometimes our computers have those moments … first make sure the power is turned on.  Look at your LightCam to see if the indicator light is on.  If the light is green you should be good.  If the light is on but is red you most likely have a Wifi connection issue.  If your LightCam was previously connected make sure your Wifi connection is working and check your connection on another device.  If your Wifi is working, try disconnecting the LightCam from the power source and then turn the LightCam back on. Your LightCam is like a mini-computer, and like your computer can sometimes correct connection issues by restarting the device. 

If your LightCam continues to not work, disconnect the LightCam and try installing it in the same room as your internet router.  If the LightCam works near the router you may need to install a Wifi signal booster in order for the LightCam to work.

Does my LightCam have a battery in it?

No. Once installed the LightCam will utilize the power available through the light fixture.

Will I need any tools or other materials for installation and setup?

Not really.  Depending on where you install the LightCam you may need a ladder.

Does the LightCam work with multiple users?

Yes.  Once set up you can share an email link with other people who can then set up an account and access the designated device. 

Will all users asoociated with teh LightCam receive notifications?


How many LightCam units can be linked to a single account and displayed on the App?

The LightCam App will display up to 5 LightCam camera feeds in small windows.  Using the App it is easy and fast to switch video and voice controls from one camera to another.  It is also easy to switch back and forth between cameras to review each LightCam’s video storage.

How do you know which LightCam you are viewing if you have more than one?

During the setup process you will be asked to give each LightCam a unique name.  Notifications, and while using the App, video feeds will be labeled with the name created during the setup.

Does the video storage also include audio recording?

No.  While the LightCam is enabled to have a two-way voice conversation, recorded and stored video footage does not contain an audio feed.

Can the LightCam withstand extreme heat, cold, rain and snow?

Yes.  LightCam has been designed to work in Alaska and Arizona.  The LightCam has been tested and works in temperatures ranging from -5 to 120 degrees F (-20 to 50 degrees C).  The LightCam is water resistant.  For best results limit exposure to precipitation and to intense heat and direct sunlight.  (By now if you live in Las Vegas you’ve figured out how to adjust for living in a furnace …)

What version of iPhone, iPad, or Android will I need for the mobile version of the App?

Apple devices must be iOS 9.3 or newer.  Android devices must be version 5.0 or newer.

Do you have to have the App open in order to receive notifications?

No.  As long as you’re not signed out of the App, your smartphone or tablet will receive the notification and have the ability to connect to connect to the LightCam.

What computer operating system is required to support the LightCam App?

Windows PCs must be version 1709 or newer. MacOS machines require version 10.11 or newer.

Does the LightCam support WPA2?

Yes.  LightCam supports WPA2, WPA, and 64-bit WEP Hex.  For best results we recommend WPA2.

Does LightCam use Bluetooth?

No. LightCam uses ultra-sonic sound to pair your LightCam with the phone App. Once setup the LightCam will operate using Wifi.

What is the LightCam video quality output?

The LightCam puts out 1080p HD video and has been designed with a wide-angle lens.  (The lens is also adjustable up and down to allow you to capture your preferred viewing angle.)

Can my LightCam run only on my internal WifiLan?

The LightCam requires internet connectivity to connect and send push notifications to your device. Connecting ensures that the LightCam can reach your smartphone or tablet whether your are home or away.

Is the LightCam FCC approved?


Is there a warranty on the LightCam?

Yes. A limited warranty on parts and theft protection applies.

Click here for more information on LightCam's Limited Warranty and Theft Protection Plan