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5 Back to School Snacks Your Kids Will Love

5 Back to School Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Back to school mode is ON! Whether your kids already started school or are about to, you have probably been feeling that back to school rush throughout August. Between shopping for school supplies, new clothing, getting a car pool schedule together, and homework there just isn’t time to be creative with your school lunches and snacks. Which is why we are doing the hard work for you.

We spent a few hours on Pinterest and scoured the internet to find you only the best, most creative, and above all easiest snacks to send your kid to school with.

Check out our recipes below.

Muffins from Fit as a Mama Bear
Healthy snacks are just as important as ease, and we know that everyone loves muffins! Check out these Carrot Spice Muffins, for some added veggies in your child's snack time.


Back to School Mix from Thirty Handmade Days
This homemade chex mix is perfect to throw in the backpack last minute, and this way you can ensure that your kid will enjoy the entire bag, not just pick out the chocolate pieces.


Grilled Cheese Roll Up from Coupon Clipping Book
A hot snack! There is nothing better than coming home after school to a grilled cheese and these roll ups make for a fun twist.


The Best Vegetable Dip from No Biggie
They said it best, sometimes ranch just doesn’t cut it. Try out this kid approved veggie dip and be prepared to see all the carrot sticks disappear.


Fruit and Frozen Yogurt Bites from The Decorated Cookie
These frozen yogurt bites are not only adorable, but incredibly healthy as well! Make them on Sunday afternoon with the kids and have them last all week long.


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