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This is a step-to-step guide on how to setup your lightcam

1. Prepare for setup

To make setup as smooth as possible, have the following items available:

An internet connection through the Wi-Fi network that you would like your LightCam to be on (you will also need to know the password to this Wi-Fi network)

An available light socket close to your Wi-Fi router

The LightCam: Home app for iOS or Android

2. Plug in your LightCam

Locate an available light socket near your Wi-Fi router.

Turn off the power, the safest way to do this is to switch the large red power button to ‘off’ on the fuse box

If you are removing a bulb from its socket to replace it with the LightCam you should allow ample time for the bulb to cool off.

Remove the bulb

3. Setting up your LightCam

Screw in your LightCam:

Screw your LightCam into a light socket close to your Wi-Fi router

After you screw in your LightCam, turn the power back on

You should see a red light on the LightCam indicating it has power but has not been connected to a device yet

Account Setup:

Open up the lightcam: home app

Create a new account

Confirm your email by entering in the 6-digit code you received to the email you signed up with

Click confirm

Connecting your LightCam to your account:

After you have created an account you should see the home screen

Click the let’s get started button or the + icon in the upper right hand corner to add your LightCam

Select the LightCam when it pops up

Connect the light cam to your wifi by entering in your password

Click enter or “Proceed to Name your Lightcam

Enter a name for your lightcam and click continue

You should get a notification saying “you successfully added your lightcam”

SUCCESS! You have now connected your lightcam to your device

The light on your lightcam should now turn blue