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Paxi LightCam

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LightCam’s customizable LED bulb and discrete security camera are contained in a heat resistant dual chamber enclosure. Made from recyclable PET plastic, this material is lightweight and strong enough to withstand any outdoor elements. The subtle design allows the camera to remain flush with the bulb, or extend and tilt for clear viewing.

What's inside the box?

LightCam Device

LightCam Lens Skirt

Outlet/Socket Adapter

Socket Extension

Quick Start Guide

Detailed Features

  • 1080p 30fps Video Feed

    High-quality video feeds so that you don't need to squint to have peace of mind.

  • Adjustible Light Hue/Color

    Choose a hue to match your current lightbulbs (2700K - 6500K). Alternatively, choose a color for holiday festivity.

  • Telephonic 2-way Talk

    Most home security uses clunky walkie-talkie commuication. With crisp telephonic talk, you can talk and listen at the same time.

  • Anti-Glare Skrit

    With Paxi's Patented Anti-glare skirt, you can put your camera in a light can and still see! This feature we have yet to see with other lightbulb cameras.

  • Panoramic Lens

    Rather than having you change the view from your phone, we've installed a 164° lens, so you never miss something important!

  • Mobile Phone Push Notifications

    Get notified directly when an object is detected even when you're not at home!

  • Object Detection

    Choose what type of objects to detect like people or animals. Set your preferences to get a push notification, turn on the light, and/or start recording when an object is detected.

  • Color Night Vision

    Not only can you see in the dark. But say goodbye to funky green-hued night vision. Our night vision is colored so you can see just as well at night as you can during the day!

  • 5G and 2.4 G Compatible

    Compatible with your wifi whether 5G or 2.4G.

How Do We Compare?

Other Lightbulb Cameras




Reflection-blocking skirt

164° View Panoramic Lens

Push Notifications

Quick Install & No Battery Charging

Object Detection

Hides from plain view

Hue/color control

Smart Record

Telephonic 2-way Talk