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Paxi Smart Home Security Sign

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Notify those on your property while monitoring with LightCam. Though not mandatory to notify people on your property, a LightCam warning sign allows others to know their home is being monitored to help w/ burglary, theft, package theft, etc., deterrence. This sign is similar to others you've seen which can be staked into your front yard - see FAQs below. 

For those who want to have LightCam signs, we're offering a pre-order discount price.

LightCam Security Sign: $14.99 this will increase to $29.99 MSRP at launch in a few months.

Two-Pack LightCam Security Signs: $26.98 (save 10% when you get two signs). This price increases to $59.98 MSRP at launch in a few months.  


  1. When will these signs ship? They will ship in Summer 2022. 
  2. What comes with the sign? The sign and a 28-inch stake are both included. The stake/pole is 28" aluminum w/ screws and cap.
  3. What are they made of? The sign is .060 durable and weatherproof styrene. 
  4. What are the dimensions? The sign is a 10" circle.
  5. Is the sign reflective? No.